In my global class, we wrote a bunch of haikus, and I’m really excited for the ones I wrote since they are the first poems I’ve ever written.


Dreaming of a day,
happiness will overthrow
Blackness of nothing.



We dream of a world
That would contain liberty
And equality.



Peace in our world
Dismiss discrimination
no blood and tears shed



Need equality
In the eyes of government
Land of Liberty.



Everyone should have their privacy.
This right should be primacy.
It is like a shield
It keeps our life sealed.
Otherwise, life would be an open sea.

(It’s a limerick, not a haiku.)



Islam, Judaism, and rest.
You pick and I pick.



I am free to think.
You too. I am free to speak.
The same goes for you.



I work day to day
Cause I need money to live,
And it is my right.



Basic needs of life
Food, shelter, clothes, medicine
UDHR said.



Must be literate.
Education lights the world
Shadowed by darkness.



Something precious is
Something locked inside your soul
No password, no key.




Birthday Gifts

My sister birthday is coming up, and guess what, I just wasted all my saving two days ago, buying a new pc. So, I guess, I’ll just make something for her.

Birthday Cards

Well, you have to give a birthday card with a birthday gift, right. So heres the card I would like to give her.

birthday gift

click here


Heart Keychain

The next thing on my list is a heart keychain.


click here


Phone Case

As my sister got her first cellphone a month ago, I think a new cellphone case shoul make her happy.


click here


Hopefully my sister likes her gifts.



Top 5 DIY gift for Valentine’s Day

Wahoo! Today’s valentine’s day! And what’s better than giving a handmade gift filled with you feelings to your loved ones. There is my top five DIY gifts for Valentine’s day.


Color Changing Heart Mug

This mug’s heart turns red from black  when hot liquid is poured!!! What else can convey the message that your heart fills up when you think of him/her.

color changing heart mug.png

Click here to learn how to make it


Eiffel Tower Hidden Box

Give your loved ones chocolate inside Eiffel tower, one of the most romantic place in the world.

Image result for eiffel tower toy png

Click here for the tutorial


Lucky Star Jar

Lucky stars have a different meaning depending on how many you give at a time:

1 star: The only one
2 stars: Happy Couple
9 stars: Love for a long time
55 stars: Love you with no regrets
99 stars: May the friendship/love last forever
101 stars: You are the one
520 stars: I love you
548 stars: Can’t stop loving you
999 stars: Endless love
1314 stars: Eternity of love

Image result for lucky star jar

click here for the tutorial


Couple Jewelry

One of the sweetest gift I can think of is couple jewelry.

Image result for diy couple jewelry

Click here for the video


Yarn Heart

A cute yearn heart filled with pure love is something your partner (or friends, or siblings, or parents) would really love.


Click here for video

Love matters more in gifts than anything else. These gifts above would be just perfect.